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NBC apologizes to Korean people after correspondent’s ‘ignorant, ‘insensitive’ comment

NBC Sorry For ‘Ignorant, ‘Insensitive’ Comment… (Top headline, 3rd story, link) Related stories:Opening Ceremony Ratings Plunge…CAN SMILES EASE KOREAN TENSIONS?Russia Figure Skaters Dominate Despite Ban… VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE NBC apologizes to Korean people after correspondent’s ‘ignorant, ‘insensitive’ comment Source

THEY ARE BILLIONS – Gameplay, Info & Impressions

Right. Listen. Are you playing They Are Billions? If the answer’s anything other than “Sorry, I can’t answer, I’m too busy playing They Are Billions,” Sort it out. It’s good. But why is it good? Why are so many people streaming it? Why is it…

How Automated Transportation Will Change Our Lives – Robotics Trends | DRONEPETS.ORG

Spread the love Summer 2040 on a U.S. interstate: ”Ma’am, I’m sorry to pull you over, but I’m not getting a ping back from your vehicle’s transponder. Are you letting your onboard autopilot drive the vehicle?” “Officer, I’m driving in a safe fashion, not exceeding…

Because Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff? | NETWORKFIGHTS.COM

Spread the love Ok, we’re not talking fancy giveaway bags – sorry. But we are here to make your life a little easier, at least when it comes to digital marketing. Our end goal is to accelerate your marketing effectiveness. And we have two digital…

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