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US Marshals Service To Sell Nearly $25 Mln Worth Of Seized Bitcoin At Auction

Authored by Aaron Wood via CoinTelegraph.com, The US Marshals Service has announced that it will be auctioning off approximately 2,170 Bitcoins seized in the course of various federal criminal, civil, and administrative cases, a press release stated March 5. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph The auction…

Cisco and NetNumber Collaborate to Secure the Mobile Network

Cisco and NetNumber deliver robust security solutions for mobile service providers to protect their revenue and information leaks on the Diameter and SS7 signalling interconnect interfaces. With the firewall solutions of NetNumber and Cisco combined, service providers can deliver greater security effectiveness with less cost…

Catena and Other Innovations

Catena is a multi-terabit service chaining, security, load-balancing, analytics and L4-L7 applications integration solution. Eg, Catena can perform these operations at 40 Tbps. Have you ever found yourself entangled in… VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Catena and Other Innovations Source

New Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud: Built for Managed Security Service Providers

Cisco’s new Stealthwatch Cloud is a cloud-managed, software-as-a-service offering that enables service providers to offer effective managed threat detection services without upfront product or infrastructure capital, making it fast, easy, and low risk for service providers to deliver new security offers to their customers. VISIT…

DFN: MCAS Iwakuni Service mMembers Conduct Frozen Chosin Team-Building Exercise (B-Roll), 02.23.2018

Defense Flash News: MCAS Iwakuni Service mMembers Conduct Frozen Chosin Team-Building Exercise (B-Roll) IWAKUNI, YAMAGUCHI, JAPAN 02.23.2018 Video by Lance Cpl. Jason Kolela AFN Iwakuni This video contains footage of the Frozen Chosin competition and 10k hike on MCAS Iwakuni. To view the story involving…

FedEx sticks with NRA, says it would be discrimination not to give gun lobby special discounts

FedEx, the national courier delivery service, declined to cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) Monday in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting two weeks ago, which left 17 people dead. FedEx has been one of a number of companies around the U.S….

Using Cloudflare Workers to identify pwned passwords

Last week Troy Hunt launched his Pwned Password v2 service which has an API handled and cached by Cloudflare using a clever anonymity scheme. The following simple code can check if a password exists in Troy’s database without sending the password to Troy. The details…

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