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Trump says a school ‘is frankly no different’ than a military base

During a White House school safety event on Thursday, President Donald Trump made no bones about the fact that he wants to militarize public schools. The president repeatedly expressed his desire to keep schools safe by “hardening” them — namely, adding armed guards, and in…

4G drone tracking tech on the cards for SA

… for drones. Vodafone’s air traffic control drone tracking and safety technology … mobile phone technology. “The IOT drone tracking and safety technology will be … of drone development at TeleEye, a local remote visual solutions tech firm … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Source

Robots and workers of the world, unite!

Robots in the workforce will give rise to new jobs for humans, including safety engineers, robot specialists and augmented reality experts, according to researchers. Image credit – ‘FANUC robots’, by Mixabest – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 Robots are already changing the way we work…

Amazon’s delivery drones could cut greenhouse gas emissions

… drone-based package delivery faces many technological challenges, safety issues, regulatory concerns … the study. Specifically, in California, drones could deliver small packages weighing … provide the electricity that charges drone batteries, it’s only … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: Source

DFN: PSA 1st Marine Division Motorcycle Safety Campaign,CAMP PENDLETON,CA, UNITED STATES, 01.30.2018

Defense Flash News: PSA 1st Marine Division Motorcycle Safety Campaign CAMP PENDLETON, CA, UNITED STATES 01.30.2018 Video by Cpl. Zachary Catron 1st Marine Division U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen.. Eric M. Smith, commanding general of 1st Marine Division and Sgt. Maj. William T. Sowers, sergeant…

Top Robocar news of 2017 | DRONEPETS.ORG

Spread the love Credit:Waymo Here are the biggest Robocar stories of 2017. Waymo starts pilot with no safety driver behind the wheel By far, the biggest milestone of 2017 was the announcement by Waymo of their Phoenix Pilot which will feature cars with no safety…

Report: Tennessee scores 50 percent on public health emergency preparedness | WARFAREWEB.COM

Spread the love Severe weather safety tips from the National Weather Service.Juan Buitrago / USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee “Ready or Not? Protecting the Public’s Health from Diseases, Disasters and Bioterrorism,” a December report by the nonpartisan nonprofit policy organization Trust for America’s Health, puts…

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