Ford is lifting off from the roads and looking into drone technology

… mentions of drone in the media are practically ubiquitous, the technology itself … ultimately what drone technology is all about. Indeed, Singh believes that drones could … entities. The company noted that drone technology could be integrated into vehicles … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:


Squeezing the firehose: getting the most from Kafka compression

We at Cloudflare are long time Kafka users, first mentions of it date back to beginning of 2014 when the most recent version was 0.8.0. We use Kafka as a log to power analytics (both HTTP and DNS), DDOS mitigation, logging and metrics. Firehose CC BY 2.0 image by RSLab While the idea of unifying abstraction of the log remained the same since then (read this classic blog post from Jay Kreps if you…


Going Back In Time – Psus Continue To Call The Shots In The Defence Ministry

The two minor mentions that defence managed to get in the otherwise social sector-heavy budget speech pertained to the private industry – an upcoming policy for the domestic production of arms, and the setting up of two new military industrial corridors. That in its fifth budget, yet another policy for ‘Make in India’ in defence is being announced is adequate indication that…


CNN Goes Off on a Sh*thole Sh*tstorm: Mentions ‘Sh*thole’ at least 36 Times in One Night (Video) | CENSORED.TODAY

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CNN Goes Off on a Sh*thole Sh*tstorm: Mentions “Sh*thole” at least 36 Times in One Night (Video)

On Thursday afternoon President Donald Trump asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the US should welcome migrants from “sh*tholes” like Haiti, Central America or African nations.

It was a good question.

But Democrats, liberal media and global community were outraged that the president would use such an offensive term to describe the global community’s failed states.

CNN took it especially hard.

The hosts and contributors on CNN went on a sh*thole sh*tstorm last night.

The word “sh*thole” was mentioned at least 36 times on CNN on Thursday.

Via the great Mark Dice: