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Audio: VideoGamer Podcast #251: I gotta Feeling

Alice has had a lovely time singing to small animals in EA Originals game Fe, and a more realistic time in Kingdom: Come Deliverance. Colm is falling in love with Nintendo Labo just from the trailers, and Rich’s favourite dog is from Shadow Dancer. VISIT…

My Fiancée Drives the Hellcat (SHE SENT IT!!)

Handing over the Hellcat red key to my lovely fiancée. https://www.instagram.com/miss_rp_productions/ Car Cleaning Discounts: Save 15% on your Adams Polishes order with the code “RPPRODUCTIONS” http://adamspolishes.com/ Dash Cam Discounts: Save $15 on orders over $250 from BlackBoxMyCar with the code “RP Production” at checkout via…

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