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Think One Military Drone is Bad? Drone Swarms Are Terrifyingly Difficult to Stop

… in drone technology are making it easier to deploy incredibly primitive “drones” that … drones struck Russian forces in Syria this year. Of the 13 drones … to stopping drones is the use of jamming. But as drones become … tiny drones than a…

Future very bright for US India counter terrorism Cooperation

India is an “incredibly valuable and close counter-terrorism partner” of the US and the future is bright for bilateral cooperation in combating the menace, the Trump administration’s top anti-terror official said on Thursday. US Counter-terrorism Coordinator Nathan Sales credited the meetings between Prime Minister Narendra…

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – review – STACK

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an incredibly ambitious game that ultimately delivers. STACK gives it the review treatment. Discuss on Twitter VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Kingdom Come: Deliverance – review – STACK http://www.overnewser.com/images-site/apple-touch-icon-114×114-precomposed.png Source

Here Are 2017’s Biggest News Stories From Video Games | VIDEOGAME.GUIDE

Spread the love With the book closed on 2017, it is hard to deny that it was an incredibly strange year. Not only did global geopolitics get aggressively nuclear, but sentient artificial intelligence both blessed and abandoned us, and alien forces subjugated the world to…

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