Jiren’s Story (Reupload)

HAD TO RE UPLOAD BECAUSE YOUTUBE IS BROKEN SORRY GUYS Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 revealed to us Jiren’s Backstory. Was it too generic? Too vague? Too late? Fine the way it is? We also got a glimpse of what Jiren’s Wish could be. Got to see Jiren’s True Power as well. But does it all matter now that Dragon Ball Super is ending does it even matter? Share your thoughts. Check out…


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German Man Downloaded 7000 Child Abuse Pictures

A District Court in Meschede heard the case of a 60-year-old man who “had one of the most shocking videos circulating the darknet.” The man, unsurprisingly, received a prison sentence of three years and three months for buying and having possession of child abuse material. Primarily the video. However, the 60-year-old also had more than 7,000 child abuse pictures and 500 child abuse videos that he…