Android P’s biggest changes, DIY Raspberry Pi Project, and emotional tech support

Android P: What do you want to know? Circuit Breaker reporter Chaim Gartenberg will answer your questions on this Circuit Breaker Live show. He’s also teaming up with Paul Miller to show you a secret Raspberry Pi DIY project. Then Dan Seifert explains why certain phones from China are having trouble cracking the US market. We’ll also be taking calls to help you get through any…


Apple iPod: how to replace your battery

On this Circuit Breaker Live episode, Chaim Gartenberg shows us a DIY iPod hack. We examine a really weird toothbrush dongle, some iPad accessories, and Paul Miller hosts his mysterious weekly segment. Subscribe: Here’s a breakdown of the show: Intro / Smart Toothbrush 1:23 Ask Circuit Breaker 13:33 Chaim’s iPod DIY battery replacement segment 18:56 Paul’s weekly…