Volkswagen tells court it did not break rules over ‘dieselgate’ disclosure

HANOVER: Volkswagen‘s bosses missed warning … ($11 billion) in damages from Volkswagen (VW), which they say did … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: HANOVER: Volkswagen‘s bosses missed warning … ($11 billion) in damages from Volkswagen (VW), which they say did …


It Cost HOW MUCH To Fix My Hellcat?!

Getting the damages appraised on my Hellcat & talking about what is next for the car! Car Cleaning Discounts: Save 15% on your Adams Polishes order with the code “RPPRODUCTIONS” Dash Cam Discounts: Save $15 on orders over $250 from BlackBoxMyCar with the code “RP Production” at checkout via the link: Car…


Storm Damages Parts Of Russia’s S-400 System On Its Way To China: Report – YouTube | WARFAREWEB.COM

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Storm Damages Parts Of Russia’s S-400 System On Its Way To China: Report

MOSCOW : Part of the equipment included in the first shipment of the S-400 air defense missile systems, which was sent to China under the 2014 contract, has been damaged by a storm and returned to Russia, the press service of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation told TASS on Friday.

“In order to implement a contract on supplying the S-400 air defense missile systems to China, a vessel carrying support equipment departed from the Ust Luga port in the Leningrad region in late December. However, on its way to China, the vessel got caught in a strong storm, which damaged part of the equipment. A decision was made to return to the port of departure,” the press service said.

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