U S Pacific Command Boss Mentions Potential Sale Of F 35 To India

just as India’s once again hits the reset button on its premier fighter aircraft procurement program and becomes ever more disillusioned with Russia’s 5th generation fighter offering, the head of U.S. Pacific Command has supposedly stated that he supports the sale of F-35s to India. This would be the first official admission that such a possibility is even on the table, although The…


Facebook’s VPN is Predictably Bad for User Privacy

Users of the Facebook app on Apple’s iPhones may have recently noticed a protect button appear on the app. The protect button on the new Facebook app for iOS asks users to download the Virtual Private Network (VPN) app called Onavo Protect. In 2013, Facebook bought Onavo, a mobile analytics corporation based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, for $200 million. Onavo launched in 2010 thanks to $13 million in…