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Jiren Is The EVIL DOER In His Backstory | Saving Jiren The Greys Origin Story

One of the CRAZIEST Ways to SAVE Jirens Backstory is by revealing him to be the Evil Doer in it! RAW Strength SURPASSES ANGEL Techniques | Jirens LINK To Ultra Instinct EXPLAINED The MOMENT That KILLED Jiren | Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 NEVER FORGET,…

JIREN VS ANDROID 17! Jiren’s Backstory & 17’s FINAL Attack!

Dragon Ball Super episode 127 was absolutely AMAZING! Not only do we finally get a backstory for Jiren, but also an AMAZING display of power by Android 17. Lets talk about it! Render: http://saodvd.deviantart.com –FOLLOW ME ONLINE & SUBSCRIBE IF YOU’RE NEW!!– NEW CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/Pokestyle…

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