Volkswagen Up! GTI UK Pricing Announced, Is Surprisingly Affordable | THEVOLKSWAGEN.COM

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Volkswagen UK has announced deliveries of the Up! GTI will finally begin on February 6th. Ahead of that, official pricing information and a few extra details have been announced.
The baby GTI will be available from £13,750 if you decide to buy it as a 3-door. A 5-door model will also be offered at £14,150. Honestly, you’re not going to take the whole family on a camping adventure in this thing, so you might as well save a few pennies. We think it looks sleeker that way too, a bit reminiscent of the original hot Golf all those decades ago.

The peppy little car will be available in five well-chosen body colors: Pure White, Dark Silver, Black Pearl, Tornado Red, and Costa Azul. Compared to the regular Up!, the GTI model has lowered suspension, a different body kit, bigger wheels and a single exhaust pipe sticking out the back.

Being included in Top Gear’s Car of the Year tests recently, the Up! GTI is full of character and sporty dynamics that can be sampled on public roads. However, it’s not exactly a powerhouse.

Under the hood is probably the smallest engine ever fitted to a hot hatch, the 1-liter turbo producing 115 PS (113bhp) and 200Nm (148lb-ft) of torque. That’s about half of what you get in a Golf GTI, and the 0 to 62 mph time of 8.8 seconds is not exactly inspiring.

But think of what you’re getting! A real GTI, a Golf, would set you back £28,460 which is more than double. Even Vauxhall struggles to compete, as its Adam S costs £18,720 and will reach 62 in 8.5 seconds despite the larger 1.4-liter turbo engine.

Besides the upgraded engine, engineers have also worked on lowering the suspension and giving it a little more stopping power. And just like a Golf GTI, it’s got tartan seats plus red stitching and GTI logos galore.