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Cold Iron Studios is beavering away on a new video game based on the Alien franchise, FoxNext announced overnight. The industry heavyweight champ revealed that the as-yet unnamed title will be a shooter of some description, but that’s about all we know so far.

The good news is that the project has a lot of dev clout on its side, with Cold Iron’s team comprised of talented folk who previously worked on Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, BioShock Infinite, City of Heroes, Borderlands, Doom, and Metroid Prime 3. That’s some serious pedigree.

We’re promised an ‘action-packed gaming experience’ according to FoxNext, which could mean just about anything right now. Still, after the brilliant Alien: Isolation, we’re feeling a little more optimistic about the series’ future video game excursions, so hopefully Cold Iron will deliver the face-hugging goods. 

‘We believe in FoxNext’s vision and we are thrilled about the opportunity to explore an amazing and rich universe,’ said Cold Iron bigwig, Craig Zinkievich. ‘Our background in building online worlds and taking established franchises to the next level in interactive entertainment is a precise fit with our product roadmap ahead; we can’t wait to share more information soon.’

Author: Mike Harradence