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Ultimate Gohan Vs Dyspo Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Preview – YouTube | DRAGONBALL.TODAY

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Ultimate Gohan Vs Dyspo Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Preview

Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Preview Breakdown showcasing Gohan And Frieza Vs Dyspo. Frieza turns into his Golden Frieza Form to Fight Dyspo as Ultimate Gohan comes in to assist Frieza in ensuring they elminate Dyspo from the Tournament of Power. As Goku And Vegeta Vs Jiren continues and Jiren Powers Up to bully them around. We see Golden Frieza Vs Dyspo as Frieza tries to attack Dyspo with his Death Beam. Eventually Ultimate Gohan forms a Strategy To Defeat Dyspo which then we see Golden Frieza use the same Death Beams he used against the Universe 9 Assassins back in Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 I believe it was.

Golden Frieza Traps Gohan And Dyspo inside this Death Beam Cage as the Ultimate Gohan Vs Dyspo battle commences. It looks like this was Frieza’s Plan to restrict Dyspo’s super high speed movements. Dyspo Powers Up to fight Ultimate Gohan as they exchange fists. How will Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 play out for Gohan And Frieza? Will Frieza make Dyspo an offer he can’t refuse? Based on the Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Preview and title it looks like this may in fact be Gohan’s Last Stand in the Tournament of Power.

What are your thoughts on the Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Preview? Is Gohan Eliminated next? Or is Frieza Eliminated next? Gohan Vs Universe 11 up next everyone!

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