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Maldives allays concerns on China, says ‘India First’ – YouTube | WARFAREWEB.COM

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Maldives allays concerns on China, says ‘India First’

India and the Maldives pressed the reset button in ties with the latter’s foreign minister Mohamed Asim briefing his counterpart Sushma Swaraj and PM Narendra Modi about Male’s position on a host of issues that seemed to be plaguing the bilateral relationship in recent times.

Asim, who visited India also as President Abdulla Yameen’s special envoy, reiterated Male’s ‘India First’ policy and, according to a statement issued by India, emphasised that Maldives attached the highest priority to its ties with India.

Source : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/maldives-allays-concerns-on-china-says-india-first/articleshow/62465978.cms

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