Monster Hunter: World producer isn’t very keen on loot boxes – | VIDEOGAME.GUIDE

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Loot boxes and microtransactions haven’t done video games much of any favors lately (just ask Star Wars Battlefront II), but fortunately one title that is eschewing the money-making monstrosity is Capcom’s highly anticipated Monster Hunter: World.

What’s more, the game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, has shed further light on the decision to forgo loot boxes, suggesting that it would spoil the fundamental gameplay rhythm of Monster Hunter, namely working out how to defeat creatures and earning loot the old-fashioned way.

‘We want you to go in and, through gameplay, find out what’s causing you to hit this hurdle and figure it out. Whenever you get over that hurdle by yourself, it’s such a great feeling, why would we let you skip that just to make a bit of extra money? It doesn’t make any sense. There’s no way we would interrupt that flow.’

In addition, having loot boxes wouldn’t sit too well with the cooperative nature of the game, telling Trusted Reviews ‘if you feel someone hasn’t earned what they’ve got or they’ve got a better weapon just because they paid for it and you worked for yours, that creates friction.’

Monster Hunter: World is roaring its way onto PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, although you’ll have to wait a while longer to get your hands on the PC version of the game. Capcom will be kicking off a final PS4 beta for the catch-’em-up on January 19.

Author: Mike Harradence