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Alabama running back yells ‘F*** Trump’ before national title game | LIBERAL.GUIDE

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President Donald Trump attended the NCAA football national championship game in Atlanta on Monday night between Alabama and Georgia, but not everybody was happy to see him there.

Before the game, junior Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough sent a very clear message to the president, audibly yelling “Fuck Trump” in the tunnel on the way to the field.

Scarbrough wasn’t the only person to express his displeasure at Trump’s appearance. The NAACP did not hold an official protest at the stadium, but said they did not agree with his decision to attend the game.

“Trump has made a terrible decision and is disrupting (the game) with his presence,” the NAACP’s local chapter said in a Facebook post on Sunday. “We respect those who choose to do so, and we fully expect some groups who will be protesting outside the game.”

The NAACP did, however, encourage fans attending the game to wear white shirts and wave white towels any time Trump was mentioned — a nod to the “snowflake” term that conservatives often use as an insult to liberals. They also asked people on social media to post about Trump using the hashtags #AllTrumpsLies or #AllTrumpsLiesATL .

The Washington Post reported that the group Refuse Fascism ATL staged a #TakeAKnee protest outside of CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta in support of the athletes that Trump has attacked on social media for taking a knee as a way to protest systemic racism and police brutality.

Trump spoke out against those athletes earlier on Monday afternoon in a speech at an annual Farm Bureau meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We want our flag respected,” Trump told the farmers and ranchers, who applauded his remarks. “We want our national anthem respected also.”

When Trump walked onto the field for the national anthem, he was greeted with a chorus of boos amidst scattered cheers, and struggled to remember the words to the Star-Spangled Banner he respects so much.

Author: Lindsay Gibbs

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