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This could help 10 000’s of pilots! why discord could change the future of this hobby – YouTube | DRONEPETS.ORG

Spread the love [embedded content] UAVFUTURES is all about getting people into the hobby and sharing FPV. About time we had some alternatives to lost posts in forums and some less than positive facebook groups. Discord is going to allow people to get together in…

Why no videos? Future of the channel & Quitting my job! 2018 is going to be MASSIVE – YouTube | DRONEPETS.ORG

Spread the love [embedded content] Again thank you to everyone who makes sharing this message of FPV possible. Want to Join the uavfutures Patreon family. Sign up here – https://www.patreon.com/uavfutures Also leave some comments, what do you think about the plans for 2018? MY FPV…

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