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German conservatives and Social Democrats agree to coalition talks | LIBERAL.GUIDE

Spread the love The 28-page document on the results of the exploratory talks conceals a deeply reactionary right-wing programme behind unctuous rhetoric about an “awakening,” “democracy,” “peace” and “justice.” VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLEAuthor:

Volkswagen Offering Performance Passat GT | THEVOLKSWAGEN.COM

Spread the love Volkswagen introduced the Passat GT performance sedan in Detroit. Volkswagen’s improving results in the U.S. have been bolstered by its expanded sport-utility line-up, but the maker is also providing its loyal Passat owners something new for 2018: the Passat GT. The new…

Undercover Agents Makes A Successfully Purchase Of AR-15 Automatic Rifle On Dark Web. | NETWORKFIGHTS.COM

Spread the love The government undercover and accountability office released the results of its undercover attempts to purchase firearms and weapons on the famous marketplaces of the dark web with an intention of collecting intelligence on what particularly happens there. The attempted surface web purchases…

Volkswagen Will Power Through Dieselgate Lawsuits And Post Record Profits In 2017 | THEVOLKSWAGEN.COM

Spread the love Volkswagen Group will report excellent group results this year, CEO Matthias Mueller said, helped by expected record vehicle sales and by spending cuts. VW’s vehicle sales appears to have weathered the storm following the emissions scandal of September 2015, which has cost…

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