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Teacher’s arrest in Louisiana: Another day, another outrage | LIBERAL.GUIDE

Spread the love There is something “American” about the treatment of Deyshia Hargrave, who had the temerity to protest pay raises for school officials while teachers and students are starved of resources. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLEAuthor:

Here’s What Happened After New City Studio Censored Malena Barnhart’s Art | CENSORED.TODAY

Spread the love A handful of artists staged a protest outside New City Studio in central Phoenix on Friday, January 5, after the gallery refused to display a piece of art created by Malena Barnhart. The arts venue’s curator Nicolas Rascona declined to display Barnhart’s Natural…

All black everything at the Golden Globes: A ‘moment of solidarity’ or ‘misguided notion’? | LIBERAL.GUIDE

Spread the love Wearing a pussy hat and a handmaid’s robe to a protest? How 2017. At the 75th Golden Globe Awards this Sunday, attendees who wish to stand in solidarity with Time’s Up — the formal Hollywood initiative to combat sexual harassment within the…

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