News at the Quantum Level

Here Are 2017’s Biggest News Stories From Video Games | VIDEOGAME.GUIDE

Spread the love With the book closed on 2017, it is hard to deny that it was an incredibly strange year. Not only did global geopolitics get aggressively nuclear, but sentient artificial intelligence both blessed and abandoned us, and alien forces subjugated the world to…

SSD vs. HDD. 5 Comparisons Measuring SSD and HDD Performance | NETWORKFIGHTS.COM

Spread the love Is it hard to choose the storage for your laptops and computers? Most people may know the two storage components for the computers, but may not know which one is better. An SSD or a HDD, that’s a question. SSD stands for…

The Verge 2017 tech report card: Amazon | DRONEPETS.ORG

Spread the love So many things happened in 2017 that it’s hard to know where to get started when sizing up a wide-reaching tech behemoth’s past year. So for Amazon, maybe it’s best to start with a simple statement: it lowered prices on avocados. Yes….

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