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Portsmouth Dark Web Drug Dealer Jailed For 16 Years | NETWORKFIGHTS.COM

Spread the love A 26-year-old dark web drug dealer has been handed a 16-year prison sentence for selling drugs he imported from the dark web. Kurt Lai Lan, the culprit, imported over thousands of MDMA tablets from the dark web which unfortunately for him was…

Darknet Vendor ‘DutchKings’ Sentenced to Seven Years | NETWORKFIGHTS.COM

Spread the love In November 2016, Netherlands police arrested two darknet drug dealers in Eemnes. The duo had sold hundreds of thousands of Euros of marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine. In December 2017, the partners faced a judge in court and received lengthy prison sentences for…

Teens Allegedly Bought Thousands of Xanax Pills on the Darknet | NETWORKFIGHTS.COM

Spread the love A tip from New York customs led to a ‘major’ drug bust in Wisconsin. Two 19-year-olds ordered a package of 5,000 alprazolam pills from a darknet dealer in Great Britain. Customs caught the package and alerted a drug task force in Wisconsin….

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