The best way to create an _immediate_ kill swap on PX4/APM?


I attempted to check some completely different modes and admittedly nothing else involves my thoughts anymore aside from to place a heavy 40A relay to a essential energy line and connect a servo to it, so I might map it to one in every of taranis switches so in a case of malfunction or misplaced orientation I might have the ability to kill drone within the air or on the bottom and cease props _immediately_.

Every other possibility I attempted – a mixture of ‘land’ mode with throttle reduce off, an improved failsafe on distant swap off – none of that cuts energy feed to props instantly, and very often it results in horrible outcomes, like if in loiter mode drone instantly will get to a GPS free zone or glitch, and begins one thing erratic, or flips over and tries to destroy all the pieces round spinning props at full energy ignoring distant instructions to chop throttle enter to zero.

I had solely three incidents like that and I do know now what it’s, nevertheless it doesn’t make my platform any safer.

What do you do for a bodily kill swap? Do you’ve got one constructed? If sure, how was it performed?

Please reply.


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