Tapper: Must Even Sexual Predators Be Viewed Through A Partisan Lens?

ALLAHPUNDIT Posted at 10:41 pm on October 10, 2017

“You don’t get to pick and choose which ones you find valid and outrageous based on political party,” he scolds. Uh, it’s 2017. Of course you do. The allegations against our guy are all false, the allegations against their guy are all real. That’s how tribalism works.

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Although in fairness to Democrats, it’s only the professional politicians like Obama and Hillary who have been holding back on Weinstein as far as I’ve seen. The rank and file have been open about their disgust at him on social media. Maybe they used up all of their partisan get-out-of-jail-free cards on Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Or maybe Weinstein, as a major donor to liberal causes but not a party official himself, just isn’t worth wasting a card on.

I think there’s something to this too in explaining the explosion of interest and outrage in Weinstein’s case:

Kinda wonder if Hollywood is staring down the beginning of a Catholic Church-style explosion of buried secrets….

The Weinstein story is horrendous *if* it’s “just” a story about Weinstein and his reign of terror. But literally no one believes that. At a minimum there was a conspiracy of silence surrounding his behavior that likely began within Miramax and the Weinstein Company, extended to A-list dirtbags who benefited richly from Weinstein’s patronage, and reached down to a galaxy of Hollywood barnacles like agents, publicists, paparazzi, and other people who had witnessed things but could be bought off cheaply or muscled without much effort. At a minimum, Weinstein was a mad king and Hollywood his court. But there are many kingdoms there and many kings, and some of them are accused of having done things even fouler than Weinstein did, if you can believe it. Middle America has always suspected the movie industry of being a den of perverts, cutthroats, and sociopaths. Now here’s Weinstein apparently proving it’s worse than everyone thought. And as more comes out on others, it may get worse still.

Source: Tapper: Must even sexual predators be viewed through a partisan lens? – Hot Air Hot Air


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