Stunning Physics Anomalies That Could Have Staggering implications…

Why is the storm known as the Great Red Spot on Jupiter appearing at 19.5 degrees and never goes away? Why is the largest volcano on Mars, Olympus Mons, at 19.5 degrees latitude? Could it be the same reason Hawaii is also at 19.5 degrees latitude on Earth? Why does Jupiter emit more energy than it receives from the Sun? All these events may be explained by Richard Hoagland’s theory of Hyperdimensional Physics (HD).

Geometric alignments — of ROTATING planetary/stellar objects — are crucial in creating scientifically observable changes in the underlying “torsion field physics” … across the entire solar system … and, during solar eclipses, are capable of affecting a wide range of diverse phenomenon across this entire planet – ranging from altering actual “physical constants” … to altering “geophysical and meteorological phenomenon” … to dramatically affecting biology… and even “consciousness” itself.


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