Firings, reliefs, and military misdeeds: The hits just keep on coming, for some reason

Wow. That is the third such roundup in simply over a month:

— Craig Whitlock uncovered a hidden case during which an Air Drive colonel harassed the hell out of a subordinate feminine civilian, together with sending her recordings of him masturbating. (Official Greatest Protection discovering: The Air Drive didn’t cost the colonel and as a substitute allowed him to quietly retire at a decrease grade. In different phrases, when the generals don’t do their jobs, and the IG seemingly can’t — properly, that’s when the media is usually a actual assist.)

— An Military lieutenant colonel who was deputy director of cyber operations at Fort Gordon, Georgia., received eight years within the slammer for little one porn. (Official Greatest Protection query: Shouldn’t a cyber operator be adequate at his job to stop investigators from discovering such proof on his personal pc?)

— Over within the Royal Navy, a type of twofer reduction occurred: Each the commander of a submarine and his XO received the massive boot for having inappropriately shut relationships with feminine subordinates. What occurs when the boat goes down was supposed to remain on the boat, besides 5 different officers on the boat complained.

— All the time aggressive, the Marine Corps relieved three of the highest leaders of its 25th Regiment, a reserve unit.

— Within the U.S. Navy, Capt. Adam Aycock, while commanding the united statesShiloh, sentenced seven sailors to time within the brig on diets of bread and water. No proof of floggings to enhance morale, although.

Photograph credit score: (Wikimedia Commons)

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