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Alan Dershowitz is a famed Jewish professor. On Thursday, the day after he came to the law school at UC Berkeley to speak, he finds his face on posters advertising the event covered with swastikas. “The poster itself is filled with out of context misquotes,” he stated, continuing to say that “I oppose torture in all forms.”

Dershowitz was a professor at Harvard Law for 50 years, and is an advocate for civil liberties and human rights. In no way does it make any sense for anyone to associate him as a Nazi, especially considering that he is Jewish.

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Professor Alan Dershowitz | PC: Wikimedia Commons

Dershowitz says that “all the departments are hard left departments.” He stated that “they are much more likely to invite hard left,” and claimed that it “results in content-based discrimination.” To which, the school replied that their policy is “content and perspective neutral.” Dershowitz almost wasn’t able to speak at the college, until he threatened a lawsuit.

He had planned on speaking about Israel, as he was invited by a pro-Israel group. However, Berkeley deemed that this may be considered a ‘major event.’ School officials claimed that the group would have needed to give at least 8 weeks notice of said event. Dershowitz stated that the 8 week policy is usually waived when a speaker is invited by a department of the university. In regards to this, he stated that:

“If they make me wait eight weeks and allow anti-Israel speakers to come within three or four days, that’s a lawsuit.”

UC Berkeley, not wanting a lawsuit, allowed Dershowitz to speak that university October 11th. Tikvah, the pro-Israel student org, were the ones that originally invited Dershowitz. Adah Forer, the co-president of the organization, told news outlets that “This is an incredible opportunity for our community to hear from a world-class professor, who is well-respected in the legal field and is also a strong advocate for Israel.” He also mentioned that the professor’s talk would “be a great opportunity for the campus community to engage with ideas and views that are rarely presented here in an academic setting.”

Though Dershowitz was able to finally speak at UCB, he didn’t make it out without at least one instance of hard-left discrimination. Something that we have seen frequently coming out of the University of California, Berkeley.

(H/T: Washington Examiner)

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