Munroe Bergdorf thinks white people are the worst thing ever.
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Step apart, local weather change! You’re no match for for white individuals.

Certainly, transgender mannequin Munroe Bergdorf speaks as if white persons are super-human, if not god-like. In a latest BBC video, Bergdorf claims that Britain “constructed its success off the enslavement of non-white individuals,” and continues to oppress them even “unconsciously, by means of privilege.” How handy! Fortunately, white persons are solely probably the most “violent and oppressive power of nature” on Earth, not Mars. Highly effective as they could be, whites have but to overcome the complete galaxy.

Bergdorf additionally argues that Britain doesn’t “acknowledge” the “spilt blood of black individuals,” and appears to trace at a necessity for restitution. Does Bergdorf additionally consider that Turkey ought to apologize to Armenia, for the genocide? Ought to Rwandan Hutus pay reparations to the residing kinfolk of slain Tutsis? How does Bergdorf really feel about the truth that slavery is rampant in in the present day’s Yemen?

By some means, Bergdorf has managed to evade the white patriarchy lengthy sufficient to make a BBC video. We commend her.

Is Munroe Bergdorf talking about white people, or space aliens? It's honestly hard to tell.
PC: Teri Pengilley for The Guardian. Munroe Bergdorf believes that white persons are extra “harmful” than nuclear battle, and able to “unconsciously” oppressing her. She is courageous, certainly, to face this nigh all-powerful foe.

Munroe Bergdorf was L’Oreal’s first transgender mannequin – that’s, till she went on a racist Fb tirade. In mentioned tirade, she claimed that white individuals’s whole “existence is drenched in racism,” and that they wrote the “blueprint” for “terrorism.” She was promptly fired. In response to L’Oreal, her “feedback had been “at odds” with their firm’s “values.” Unsurprisingly, Bergdorf was “upset” in L’Oreal. She invoked “discrimination,” which “punches down” from a spot of “social privilege.” Apparently, Bergdorf, a mannequin who lives in a first-world nation, doesn’t have “social privilege.” When she rails in opposition to a complete group of individuals on Fb, she’s not punching down, per se. She’s simply typing actually, actually angrily.

That Bergdorf doesn’t remorse that fateful submit is obvious; she repeats giant chunks of it on this newest video. Particularly, her insights on genetics (whites “inherit” their privilege-power) and planetary domination are taken immediately from the unique tirade.

What do you concentrate on Bergdorf’s feedback on racism and white-inherited privilege? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

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