DigitalOcean Standing – NYC2 Emergency Community Upkeep Scheduled

NYC2 Emergency Community Upkeep Scheduled

Begin: 2017-10-13 04:00 UTC

Finish: 2017-10-13 10:00 UTC

In the course of the above window the community engineering workforce will probably be performing a software program improve on border Web routers in NYC2. That is an pressing upkeep to make sure the steadiness of our community, and resolve potential points we’ve recognized.

In the course of the upkeep window, we anticipate there to be no noticeable influence, nonetheless; you might expertise temporary intervals of elevated latency and a small quantity of packet loss lasting as much as 2 minutes as visitors is re-routed.

Don’t hesitate to contact help in case you have any extra questions or issues.

Posted about 1 hour in the past. Oct 12, 2017 – 21:48 UTC

This scheduled upkeep impacts: Areas (NYC2) and Providers (Networking).

updateTitle($(this), ‘h3’, ‘Upkeep Particulars’);

// transfer the outage to the header

// transfer the incidents to the header

// transfer the scheduled upkeep to the header

// create a row div for the incidents/elements to go in
$row = $(”);
$row.prependTo(‘.layout-content > .container’);

// put incidents and elements facet by facet in that row

// set the border-radius on second group
$(‘.component-container’).attr(‘fashion’,’border-radius:3px !vital’);

// open the teams
HRB.utils.djshook(‘component-group-opener’).discover(‘.group-parent-indicator’).filter(‘.fa-plus-square-o’).toggleClass(‘fa-plus-square-o’).toggleClass(‘fa-minus-square-o’).mum or dad().mum or dad().mum or dad().toggleClass(‘open’);

// add the icon div
$(‘.unresolved-incident’).every(perform() );

// rename “Previous Incidents” to “Standing Historical past”
$(‘.incidents-list .font-largest’).html(‘Standing Historical past’);

// rename “Incident Historical past” to “Full Historical past”
$(‘.history-footer-link’).html(‘ Full Historical past’)

// bizarre opacity trick i am doing do not contact
} else

perform updateTitle(ingredient, kind, linkText)


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