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With the 40 Days campaign fast approaching (September 27th to November 5th) many pro-life advocates will be stationed outside of abortion clinics this fall. There is a brand new pro-life app that gives you direct contact with other pro-lifers around the world. The app, “40 Days for Life App” is free and now available for download at the App store and on Google Play.

The software is meant to assist pro-lifers in their everyday fight against abortion. President of 40 Days for Life, Shawn Carney said that the app is meant to distribute the manpower. “Planned Parenthood and the high-powered abortion industry own a huge financial advantage over even the best-funded pro-life efforts,” he said. “But with this app, pro-life grassroots efforts are growing and that advantage is no longer as formidable as it once was.”

“This is a state-of-the-art app that will enable 40 Days for Life campaign teams to better coordinate their peaceful prayer vigils, communicate with volunteers and supporters, and most importantly, to answer the tough questions they often face while participating in their prayerful witness,” Carney continued.

40 days
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What does the app do?

It is the hope that pro-lifers will download the app and utilize it during their upcoming protests. The app delivers vigil information locally or anywhere in the world. It allows volunteers to interact with others and provides pro-lifers with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. The app is meant to bring pro-lifers together and flood any abortion argument with responses. The software also gives breaking pro-life news reports. It announces when abortion clinics close and abortion workers quit the industry.

How is the pro-life movement doing?

The pro-life moment is continuing to grow. With over 750,000 participants worldwide in the past ten years, every question in the book has been asked.  “This new app will be a great free tool for those on the sidewalk, at work or in church, who want to get more people involved in the pro-life movement,” Carney said.

Every year is bigger with this year set to be the biggest since the campaign first launched back in 2004. Since starting, 40 Days for Life has closed 89 abortion facilities. This year the campaign will be in 375 cities around the world.

If you’re interested in volunteering, check the 40 Days for Life website to find a location near you.

Do you think the 40 Days for Life app will help the pro-life movement? Let us know in the comments below!

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