T-Mobile Digits Launching Next Week For All Customers: One Number…

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T-Mobile announced today that its DIGITS program will be leaving beta and launching soon. DIGITS offers phone number flexibility across multiple devices as well as the option to use multiple numbers with one device. The new program will be available for all T-Mobile customers starting next Wednesday, May 31.

T-Mobile announced and rolled out its new DIGITS program as a beta in December last year. In a new video (below) released today, T-Mobile’s COO, Mike Sievert shares more details about the plan after tens of thousands of customers gave the new program a shot over the last six months.

Here’s how T-Mobile describes DIGITS:

On Wednesday, May 31, all T-Mobile phone numbers will automatically become DIGITS, and all T-Mobile customers can use their DIGITS on virtually any connected device—phone, tablet, smartwatch, computer and more. For example, if you want your phone calls to ring both your smartphone and your connected smartwatch, DIGITS can make that happen. Want to shoot off a text from your tablet or laptop? DIGITS can do that, too. Moving forward, it’s all part of being a T-Mobile customer.

In addition to being able to use your DIGITS phone number on any compatible device for free, you can also have up to 5 different lines with your T-Mobile account on one device. Pricing is $10 per extra set of DIGITS (extra phone number). However, if you already pay $5/month for the T-Mobile ONE Plus feature, an extra set of DIGITS will be included for a limited time.

T-Mobile has a new website dedicated to DIGITS, describing how it works, the various ways it can be valuable, and a FAQ section. T-Mobile also shares examples of how DIGITS can be useful for businesses, families, and individuals, and also provide more security for users.

The carrier is also offering a free extra set of DIGITS to anyone who participated in the beta program. T-Mobile’s full press release can be read here.

T-Mobile Digits: How It Works

T-Mobile Digits aims to allow for a single phone number to work on several devices, as well as enable one device to support several phone numbers. Simply put, it sports the best features of AT&T NumberSync, Google Voice, iMessage and others such, and then takes things up a notch.

Having one phone number work across multiple devices means that users can start texting on their phone, for instance, then seamlessly continue right where they left off on their PC, tablet or wearable.

“Phone numbers are so yesterday — DIGITS are now,” says T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “Starting next week, T-Mobile doesn’t have phone numbers anymore — we have DIGITS. They’re your REAL T-Mobile phone number but with none of the old limits. DIGITS is another industry-shaking Un-carrier innovation aimed at changing wireless for good.”

Having multiple phone numbers on the same phone, meanwhile, can have its own benefits. Customers could more easily combine work and personal life without having to have separate phones, for instance. T-Mobile says that more than 30 million people in the United States have multiple phones, but Digits now eliminates the need to invest in separate devices and carry all of them around.

Customers will be able to use their T-Mobile Digits numbers on any Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as on wearables and computers. The Digits upgrade applies to all T-Mobile customers, regardless of whether they’re on prepaid or postpaid plans.

To learn more about the new T-Mobile Digits upgrade, head over to the carrier’s support pages or check out the video blog announcement below. What are you most excited about? Being able to use one number across multiple devices, or being able to use multiple numbers on one device? Let us know in the comments section below.


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