IDG Contributor Network: The road to APIness in customer identity

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Being conservative, I’d say in the last five years, the Identity Access Management (IAM) sector has seen some major changes. We have gone from the closed directory type environments, which were (fairly) straightforward when on-boarding users, to mass adopted open consumer systems, with the type of demographic, UX designers dread. It has all happened a bit quickly. The result has been somewhat of a lag in recognition of the complexity of such systems. In has only been in the two years or so that analysts, normally at the forefront of technological advances, have started to look at customer identity as an entity in its own right. That is not to say that the murmurings of market movement have not been felt in the IAM space. Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) is crossing the security barrier, with Gartner predicting implementations to reach 40% by 2019 – IDaaS having a more flexible model for external access requirements. The new direction of an outward looking, all encompassing IAM infrastructure, is now opening its doors to the customer or consumer. This is creating a sub-set of IAM known as Customer Identity Access Management or CIAM.

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