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News Story Source: by Jamie Redman
Bitcoin holders should be aware that during and after a fork people can make mistakes when differentiating between the two chains. Alongside the confusion, there’s also a chance that malicious actors posing to be trustworthy may promise people help with access to ‘Bitcoin Cash’ tokens – and steal people’s private keys. The risk of losing bitcoin to errors such as these will be heightened during and after a network fork.

Before and After August 1

On August 1st it’s likely the Bitcoin blockchain will split into two factions as the result of an upcoming “user-activated hard fork”. Essentially this means anyone who possesses keys to bitcoin will have access to the second chain and its associated token called ‘Bitcoin Cash’ (BCC). However, people will still have to wait for software providers, exchanges, wallets, and other third party support to utilize BCC to sell, trade or keep them.

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